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To add a personality to his BOX, click on the favorites button.

VIPs registered in your BOX are displayed in your website homepage. When you delete an item from the BOX it is automatically

moved to the archives.

How to find a personality and add it to their BOX:
- To log in
- Search for name, movie, any other information related to the person you want to add.
- In 'Member list', select the VIP
- Click on the favorites icon to add it to your BOX.


Information saved in the archives does not display on the main members page. The archives make it possible not to overload

your main page.

Data deleted from archives is permanently removed from your profile,



A member can select his current mood by going to his collection, in the “Mood” section and choosing the one that suits him.

This information will be displayed on the VIP card so that he has an overall idea of ​​the state of mind of his fans.

The map displays the location of all of a personality's fans along with their current moods. It also displays the member's nickname and photo if the option "display only my location" is not checked.

You have to log in and go to his collection. The mood tab allows you to select a color associated with your current state of mind.

This information is saved in your profile until the next modification and sent back to the card.

All users can view the map by going to the collection of the desired VIP.

Each map displays the positions of the fans who have added the VIP to their BOX.



The crosswords are generated by the VIPs and the Administrator of the website. The member can display the crosswords created by the VIPs in the collection of this one.