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Is the earth likely to end up in a 5G artificial electromagnetic bubble of 50,000 satellites ?

There is currently an international call by professional astronomers to request the intervention of institutions and governments. The support of the world population is hoped and a petition is available to participate in this non-collective.

The list of signatory astronomers can be viewed by clicking on this link.

The private company SpaceX has already put 180 of these satellites into orbit (Starlink) and plans to put 42,000 satellites around the planet. They will be placed on 3 different levels: 340 km, 550 km and 1150 km. The Earth would therefore be entirely surrounded by tens of thousands of its small satellites.

Other space telecommunications projects also have this objective, we find in the list:

- OneWeb

- Amazon

- Telesat

- Lynk and Facebook

- Roscosmos

- Aerospace Science and Industry corp

All of which can exceed 50,000 small satellites around the Earth for telecommunications and the Internet. The low altitude of 340 km will make them more visible and brighter at night

This will considerably reduce our view of the Universe and the number of space dropouts will be greatly increased, thereby depriving us of the unblemished view of the night sky. Most of these satellites being visible to the naked eye, there should only be 172 stars which would exceed the brightness of the satellites.


This light pollution is also damaging for astronomical observations at all wavelengths.

So we have over 1,500 astronomers calling for a halt to 5G satellite launch projects

Let’s not forget that apart from visual pollution, another debate on 5G is topical, real health risks are pointed out by opponents who wish to slow its expansion.

Even if the promises made around this technology are promising:

- record speeds of 100 GB / s

- autonomous car

- augmented reality

- telemedecine

- ultra HD video

It raises many questions, and distrust and concern are also among the concerns of many organizations.

WHO has studied more than 25,000 studies on "the biological effects and medical applications of non-ionizing radiation" to find out the risks run by a population exposed to weak prolonged electromagnetic fields. And the conclusion is that current data and our knowledge do not confirm a danger or the existence of health effects.

Many questions still unanswered.

This event confined by the Covid-19 is far from making the noise it should. The world population is also concerned by what is being set up.

It is important to listen to the video carefully and understand what is going on.