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The 51-year-old Oscar-winning actress looked pretty in a gray dress and sunglasses as she spent the afternoon running errands.

Later that day, Halle took to Instagram to share a super cool photo of her carved pumpkin as she and her kids get ready for Halloween!

“Nothing like a little Frankenstein to get the season started,” Halle captioned the below photo.

Halle Berry was diagnosed with diabetes at 19 years old. After several years of "scary situations" and not understanding the condition, Berry learned that she had to make some serious lifestyle changes for the good of her health. So the actress cut processed sugars and bread from her diet and now sticks to a clean and healthy diet, which includes eating plenty of veggies and drinking lots of water, she told the L.A. Times.

"I started to eat loads of wonderful fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh fish and pasta. I cut out red meat and cut back on fruit because it can contain quite a lot of sugar," Berry said.

Notably a "serious" health condition, the leading charity Diabetes UK explained how the autoimmune disorder develops. For reasons still being investigated, the body turns on itself and begins to attack the cells in the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ that is responsible for making the hormone insulin, which regulates glucose (i.e. sugar) levels in the blood. When the pancreas is damaged, insulin is not made, meaning glucose continuously builds up in the bloodstream.

As if we needed reminding, Berry has insane abs, so it's no secret that she focuses on her core three times a week during her 30-minute training sessions with Bardonnet. The trainer explained how the actress can handle any "curveball" workout that Bardonnet throws at her, and she'll do so with a smile.

"Her abs look amazing,"Bardonnet told People. " The way I push Halle, not many people would be able to last. She always has great energy and a great smile. She always stuns me how beautiful and sexy she looks."

Berry revealed: "Because I'm diabetic, nutrition has been a big part of my life."

Halle Berry has an amazing face and body. At 51, the actress still surprises with her ultra-thin and firm figure and her wrinkle-free face. At 51 years old, has a body as muscular as at 25. On her Instagram account, she finally reveals the secret that has kept her in shape for ten years.
Mother of little Nahla, born in 2008 from her love affair with model Gabriel Aubry, to whom she gave a little brother, Macéo, born in 2013 from her relationship with Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry is a fulfilling mother with an impassive silhouette.

Halle Berry sticks to sessions 5 days a week and explores different disciplines to work the maximum number of muscles. Yoga, boxing, military training, bodybuilding exercises with kettlebell weights or even meditation, she has made sports one of her priorities to help her have a healthy life. She launched, with her coach, a series of stories on instagram to convince women to take care of themselves to be well in their minds and their bodies thanks to yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

But above all, she explains that she owes her dream body to boxing: "I have been boxing for 10 years and regularly for 3 years and I love constantly learning a new way to challenge myself and work new muscles". But above all she explains the interest of this sport: "Boxing is still considered one of the best full body workouts. You will sculpt every muscle and burn important calories and fat. Boxing reduces stress levels considerably , develops hand-eye coordination and builds confidence and discipline". Proud of her body, she also wants to convince all women to get into it by challenging them: "I promise you'll have fun, get your heart rate up and sculpt your body at the same time!!".