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Dasha Eremeeva is an artist who started her career as an international photographer in Belarus. It was in her home country that she studied at the Art Academy. She lives there and also works as a professional retoucher.

Since 2015 she has been working as an international fine art and fashion photographer, especially concept art, fine art and fashion.

For two years, she has been constantly recognized by the IPA Awards and PX3 Awrads which have shown her works at international exhibitions organized by an honorary committee.

She is also the owner of prestigious photo awards around the world. His photos are appearing more and more on magazine covers and people are reading his interesting interviews.

Currently she is engaged in projects with companies. Develops unusual decorations and creates exclusives for private collections.

Some of his most brilliant works already remain in private collections.


The first history woman in competition to win the prize for the best photographer in Europe 2020 !


Since 2015, she has been working to create a unique photographic style, combining creativity, fine art and fashion. Thanks to this particular style, she managed to leave my mark on the world and draw attention to her work. A job that now allows me to have a worldwide reputation.

She is hardworking, passionate and ambitious. For the past five years, she has participated in international photo competitions and her persistence has paid off, winning her over 20 prestigious awards around the world.

In 2020, she ends up winning a Grand Prix for the best professional photographer in Europe. For the first time in the history of the competition, this prize is awarded to a woman and for the first time also to an author from Eastern Europe.

Like the entire planet confined to like the pandemic, it is forced to review its plans. This is how she returns to what has always fascinated her, painting !



Over the past few months, she has painted many high quality oil paintings which are already on sale. His paintings are visible on VIP Crossing  collection and personnal Website .

She wishes to continue to develop her passion for painting in parallel with photography and is looking for interested people, partners to develop this path.

She also plans to create paintings of large sizes, at least 2 x 3 meters or more. Moreover, it expects and invites cooperation and is very open to new ambitious projects.

Even if the desire to create, talent and creativity are appointment, Dasha has deep regrets, far from obtaining the support hoped for from her country to develop her art, she utters a cry of anger and of despair.


"Hello dear friends.

I need your help to save my art and continue my projects. I live in Belarus, in the city of Vitebsk and I don't understand what is going on around me.

I am the best professional photographer in Europe 2020 and the first woman to receive this award!

I have many international awards and am proud to say that photographers all over the world know and love my work. Unfortunately, in my country, although I am an internationally renowned photographer, I cannot evolve in good conditions. I don't have a studio where I can express my creativity, my passion, my art. No option or opportunity is available to me to continue working and creating this unique art that represents me. The complex economic and political situation in Belarus is very negative for artists to force to go live elsewhere or to abandon their projects.

It is a form of artistic genocide that we experience there.

Whether you are investors, atrtists, whatever your country or your culture, I call on all souls of good will who wish that beauty continues to impose itself in this world to propose projects or participate in mine.

We are the last bulwark against the madness that wants to impose itself on our civilization."